ERNT Flash Antivirus 20104.3.2.12

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Provides excellent protection for USB-disc

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Computers are everywhere these days, and data transfers can be performed as easily as inserting an USB Flash drive into a computer, copying the needed files, then ejecting the removable drive. Needless to say, this type of interaction also leaves plenty of room for spreading malware infections, and this is where ERNT Flash Antivirus can come in handy.

This application will install smoothly, both on x32 and on x64 systems, and users can immediately start scanning their USB disks and identify the suspicious items. Since the graphic interface is simple and intuitive, even beginners will find working with this antivirus an easy task. A great help is the fact that the application will start scanning each time a new device is connected.

Unlike other similar applications, one will not be required to select the USB disk letter, but instead, a root folder will be enough for the antivirus to check the entire disk. During the actual scanning, a dedicated window displays all detected malware files, thus providing users with a transparent process.

Specifically designed to protect USB disks, ERNT Flash Antivirus will not block any file transfers or slow down the copying speeds, as it will be able to distinguish the legitimate threats from false positives.

Also, we have to note that the application cannot be closed the traditional way, that is, pressing the Close button on the upper right corner, since it will simply minimize to the tray area. This is in fact the intended function of the antivirus, to ensure continuous protection every time a new USB storage device is plugged in.

On the other hand, ERNT Flash Antivirus should not be the only installed security solution on any computer as its detection rate is not always as great as one would expect, considering its price. A desktop antivirus always needs to be installed on any computer, and ERNT Flash Antivirus can, and should, be used to increase its protection capability.

It is also worth mentioning that most modern security solutions can also detect and scan any USB devices that are connected to the computer, so that a separate software to complete this task might prove to be redundant.

ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 9th, 2011
ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 - This is the main window of ERNT Flash Antivirus where you can easily start scanning your Flash driveERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 - screenshot #2