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A user-friendly yet reliable software solution that can help you protect your computer against the Autorun virus that infects numerous systems

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Considering there are numerous security products that are highly efficient in blocking and removing malware, hackers also got better at creating various malicious tools that can infect computers even if they are connected to the Internet.

For example, autorun viruses automatically copy themselves on any external drive plugged in to host computer, then they infect the PC as soon as users access the drive via Windows Explorer. AMPAWsmasherX is one of the several tools that can help you get rid of autorun viruses, while also preventing them from getting on your PC.

This application does not actually install on your computer and it can work smoothly alongside other security products that should be installed on your PC and that are in charge with protecting you against other types of malware.

However, it needs to be emphasized that AMPAWsmasherX is not a full-blown antivirus solution, since it can only remove autorun malware.

Due to AMPAWsmasherX, you will be able to regain control over various Windows tools that have been disabled when your PC was infected by autorun viruses or trojan; as such, you can finally access the Task Manager and terminate the processes that annoy you.

When you run AMPAWsmasherX, it enables you to disable autorun on your PC, so that CDs are no longer launched automatically as soon as you insert them, thus ensuring that viruses do not get the chance to infect you.

The application can also create an autorun.inf file on your drives, and since it cannot be deleted, trojans will no longer be able to create new ones and infect the PC.

To sum it up, AMPAWsmasherX can be used by all those who want to make sure that autorun viruses will not run on their computers. However, the application has not been updated in a long time and the most recent supported operating system is Windows Vista - if you run a newer OS on your PC, you will need to search for another removal tool.

AMPAWsmasherX was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 17th, 2014

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