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A useful software solution that aims to provide all users with a simple means of putting together portable packages out of non-portable apps

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Programs that run right out of the box, without requiring installation are coveted by all users, but creating such utilities is not one of the easiest jobs. Some special tools, like Portable JauntePE are required and a bit of knowledge as well, since this is not a task for beginners.

Compact user interface

Since it is portable, just like the packages it is designed to create, this software is ready to run as soon as it is extracted from the archive it comes in.

To facilitate the operation and make it more friendly, the GUI has a practical layout, with several modules to host various functions and provide essential information about the selected items.

Package creation in a few easy steps

In order to start a new project, you have to designate the desired kind of package you want to build and there are several choices at your disposal.

More precisely, you can opt for Basic, Basic Plus, Restricted or Sandboxed, as well as User Profile, All Users or C Drive types, each having its own set of parameters, like those for user data isolation levels or for the location where to store the settings in the portable app.

Simple package customization

To insert the necessary files into the project, you can use the 'Add' menu and choose the needed installer or archive, import and app or a folder or other applications.

For any item included in the list of available launchers fro the main window of Portable JauntePE you will be able to configure manually the name, priority and window type related values, as well as eventual command line parameters or runtime paths.

Great all-round portable packager

Thanks to its detailed settings, especially those dedicated to the portable registry entries and to the relative ease of use, Portable JauntePE can be a really good choice for those on the lookout for a utility to turn regular software into portable apps.

Portable JauntePE was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
Portable JauntePE - The Package tab lets you view all the information related to the application you want to change.Portable JauntePE - Visualize the data about the application's launcher thanks to the Launcher tab.Portable JauntePE - The Package Contents tab allows you to view all the contents of your application.Portable JauntePE - screenshot #4Portable JauntePE - screenshot #5Portable JauntePE - screenshot #6Portable JauntePE - screenshot #7Portable JauntePE - screenshot #8Portable JauntePE - screenshot #9Portable JauntePE - screenshot #10Portable JauntePE - screenshot #11

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