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A powerful collection of standalone utilities assembled together to be used directly from a USB flash drive, without leaving any trace behind

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Carrying with you all the applications that are necessary in order to browse the web, manage files, view and edit documents or play multimedia files is not too difficult nowadays.

This is possible mainly because there are numerous freebies that are suited for such purposes and since many of those come in portable flavors as well, placing all of them into a single bundle, like winPenPack Flash Web seems to be a good idea.

Lengthy setup for an all-inclusive set of software solutions

This suite of apps is fully loaded with everything you would need, from codecs, runtimes needed to deploy certain types of programs, document handling tools, multimedia players, editors, file management utilities and a lot more.

Getting the entire collection onto a portable storage device may take a while, chiefly because of the large size of the archive, which means that unpacking everything inside could be a time consuming task.

Well organized layout for quick access

Once everything is unwrapped and ready for use, using the dedicated launcher you can start the main menu that hosts all the applications included in winPenPack Flash Web.

The contained software is neatly structured in such a manner that everything can be found with a couple of clicks, thanks to the tree-like structure of the categories that hold all the apps. There is even a built-in search function that helps identifying the appropriate tool for a specific job.

For those worried about missing updates of their preferred utilities, winPenPack Flash Web has a dedicated Upgrade Manager that will keep you posted about new releases for the programs that are part of the suite.

One pack to rule them all

The multitude of applications that are gathered under the same roof is impressive, but there are some areas that could have been covered better in terms of available software solutions. It may take a long time to extract everything from the archive and make ready for use, but, overall, the advantages of winPenPack Flash Web can make that worthwhile.

winPenPack was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 25th, 2014
winPenPack - When you run the utility, you can view a list of available applications, categorized by their purpose.winPenPack - The search function of winPenPack works in real-time, allowing you to easily find the application you need.winPenPack - In the Stats tab, you can find information about the OS, disk space and number of installed applications.winPenPack - screenshot #4winPenPack - screenshot #5winPenPack - screenshot #6winPenPack - screenshot #7winPenPack - screenshot #8