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Solve simple and complex geometry, algebra, arithmetic or statistic mathematical exercises and create matrices or truth tables using this application

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Even though math is a difficult subject when still in school, most interfaces that make it possible for human interaction to result in machine response are based or take advantage of advanced calculus and expressions. With this in mind, MathProcessor aims to lend you a helping hand with basic and thorough expressions, as well as graphical plotting.

A little rough around the edges

The main window is nothing more than a large text field where all processes take place. The toolbar grants you access to several examples, which greatly come in handy, along with several tools for more flexibility. However, you might want to keep a web browser close by to have documentation at hand.

In case you're using the application thinking that result is provided fast, you might want to start looking for alternatives. A thorough set of commands need to be used in order to trigger processes, which needs some degree of knowledge.

Advanced coding knowledge required

Programmers find it easiest to accommodate, since you get to work with an interface that resembles a programming language, even with syntax highlighter. Unfortunately, there is no list of available commands and combinations, even though complex structures can be created and even plotted.

Poor file format support

There are a few additional tools you can take advantage of, such as a matrices calculator, basic math operations solver, and a truth table. However, these are also slightly difficult to figure out, except for the processor which comes equipped with a set of instructions.

What's more, you are strictly limited to the given workspace, with saving options limiting you to the application specific formats. There is no support for external formats, which makes it lack practicability since you always need to write down the whole expression.

To end with

All in all, MathProcessor is no doubt capable of handling complex expressions while retrieving the result almost instantly. However, you need to spend a good amount of time to go through documentation due to the lack of a solid or intuitive interface to get you up and running. For fast results and beginners this is not the most efficient calculus tool.

Math Processor was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
Math Processor - You can process various types of arithmetical equations, geometry problems and logical expressions in the main windowMath Processor - The Basic Math and Stats Kit window allows you to input values, select the mathematical operation and view the resultMath Processor - You can access the Math Processor Matrix Kit window to create customized matrices and transpose or inverse their valuesMath Processor - From the Math Processor Truth Table Kit window, you can create tables based on logical expressions and test them