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A calculator that is always at your disposal, enabling you to perform all sorts of calculations, from simple additions to complex expressions

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Portable Numculator provides a more advanced alternative to the Windows' default calculator, enabling you to perform a wide variety of mathematical operations within a forthright interface. It can be used to evaluate simple to complex expressions, offering you an accessible calculator with enough functionality to meet the requirements of most users.

Accessibility and functionality in a single package

One of its most important advantages is that it can be kept on top of other applications and brought into focus using the Num Lock key (or a custom key combination of your choice), transforming the numeric keypad into a calculator. It stays hidden in the system tray until you need it and can be easily revealed with the push of a button.

Its minimalistic looks might trick you into thinking that it is aimed at beginners, but the range of supported functions and the customization possibilities it offers are enough to please any user. It can help you perform all sorts of calculations, from simple operations to complex expressions including combinations of functions (including trigonometrical and statistical ones), percents, additions, subtractions, divisions and multiplications.

Formatting options, clipboard integration and calculation history

Portable Numculator is capable of remembering entire expressions and numbers, displaying your calculation history and enabling you to save it.

The results can be easily sent to the clipboard and pasted into any other document. And if the default formatting options of the application do not meet your needs, Portable Numculator enables you to freely customize it.

As such, you can modify the font type, size and alignment, change the used separator for numbers, add extra space between digits and mathematical operators, change the rounding method and so on.

A powerful calculator always at hand

Portable Numculator is a highly-customizable and powerful calculation tool that is always at your disposal. It is a special version of Numculator that does not require installation, so it can be carried around and launched directly from a removable device.

The range of mathematical operations it can handle should be enough to meet the requirements of most users, while the minimalistic looks and the ease of use make it appropriate for beginners as well.

Portable Numculator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Portable Numculator - You can use Portable Numculator to easily perform simple to complex calculations.Portable Numculator - The main menu of Portable Numculator enables you to interact with the Windows clipboard.Portable Numculator - Portable Numculator enables you to set the way the application is activated or minimized.Portable Numculator - screenshot #4Portable Numculator - screenshot #5