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Get to know your keyboard a little better by learning to type correctly and fast with the help of various lessons and thorough reports to analyze your progress

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Just like you spend a great amount of time as a child learning how to write, using a keyboard for the first time might put you in a rather difficult situation. Practicing only takes time and a lot of button pressing, but there are also specialized applications like TIPP10 Portable that want to help you out by teaching you how to correctly type fast.

Lightweight and easy to use

The name points out to the first advantage the application comes with, this being the edition of TIPP10 you can use on the go. It's a neat and practical method of learning how to properly type from any computer, also keeping its health status intact.

Since its main purpose is to help out, accommodation is not to be considered an issue. The interface sports a simple, yet modern design, with tabs for all its three types of lessons, namely training, open and own lessons, as well as a configurations panel that lets you set limit, either in time or characters, error response, and a few settings regarding assistance.

Slow and steady wins the race

If you don't want to dive directly in learning sessions, you can start off the easy way by playing a typing game. All you have to do is press the corresponding buttons as different characters come falling down at higher speeds as you progress through levels.

Considering it's the first time you interact with a keyboard, going through the twenty built-in lessons is sure to provide the basics in short time. These progressively teach you finger positioning with exercises for sets of character, starting with a few lower case letters and ending with all characters in every state.

Advanced and custom lessons

Just so you get better and better at typing, the application puts a few open lessons at your disposal. The process is similar, the only difference being that instead of letters, whole paragraphs are dictated, thus stretching the lesson for some time. Switching to own lessons gives you the possibility to add TXT files, content of which determines the length of sessions. The more ambiguous the text, the greater the level of difficulty.

Each lesson is concluded with a report of your overall work and effort. Info on the session you just finished is shown in a clever panel, letting you know how many characters per minute you can type, error rate, as well as the text displayed with highlighted mistakes. There's the possibility to review your whole progress in an organized graph or error rate for each finger, according to characters missed the most.

To sum it up

All in all, TIPP10 Portable is a neat tutor with which you're sure to learn to type quickly and without constantly looking for buttons on your keyboard. Although not a lot of variety in terms of lessons, the approach on teaching and methods used, with thorough conclusions are sure to raise your ambitions and try harder each time.

TIPP10 Portable was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 18th, 2015
TIPP10 Portable - The main window of TIPP10 is the place where you can select the lesson that suits your needsTIPP10 Portable - Accessing this tab will enable you to choose one of the custom-made leassons you previously createdTIPP10 Portable - This is the way TIPP10 will simply require you to enter your text, then specify the type of lesson you want to generateTIPP10 Portable - screenshot #4TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #5TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #6TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #7TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #8TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #9TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #10TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #11TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #12TIPP10 Portable - screenshot #13