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Mobile anonymous surfing with OperaTor.

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In case you feel that your Internet browser still doesn't provide the level of privacy and security you expect from it, you can try a version of a well-known browser that is especially designed for that.

One of the possible candidates is called OperaTor. It is based on the popular Opera and uses some features provided by The Onion Router (TOR) and Privoxy, which means it was specifically designed to be safer.

The interesting side of OperaTor is that you can easily copy it onto any flash drive and then you will be able to run it directly from there. Plus, it doesn't store files on the drive, which means you will remain completely anonymous while browsing the web and also have a clean local cache.

Every time you start it, you will be assigned a different IP address and if you feel like refreshing it in mid-session, you can do that as well. You only have to right-click the tray icon and select the 'Restart Tor' option.

Something we noticed during our tests is that all the modifications made for security purposes simply turned the OperaTor browser into a very slow application. Loading pages with Flash content or Java can be a nightmare, not to mention that every time you connect to a website images load just like in the dial-up era.

Even if it succeeds in protecting your privacy while you're surfing the Internet, OperaTor can make the whole browsing experience less pleasant because the loading speeds for everything are dramatically reduced.

OperaTor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 26th, 2012
OperaTor - The main window allows you to surf the web using multiple tabs.OperaTor - The General Preferences tab allows you to select the startup options and the home page.OperaTor - The Search tab allows you to manage and organize your search engines.OperaTor - Using the Web Pages tab you will be able to customize the images and the zoom page.OperaTor - The Advanced settings will allows you to manage the tab closure and cycling.

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