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A portable, open-source FTP and SFTP client that you can use to easily and quickly upload files to your server using a secured connection

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X-WinSCP is a reliable FTP and SFTP client that aims to facilitate the file transfer between different workstations. Additional support is provided for the older SCP protocol, used mainly on Unix-like platforms.

Dual-pane GUI that facilitates file management

For your convenience, the interface is split into two different panes, which enables you to access the local and the remote storage space simultaneously and transfer files much easier. With just a click, you can upload one or more files to the target FTP server.

Files can be filtered and sorted using various criteria, deleted, renamed, copied or pasted and there are various other commands for sending the file name to the clipboard, building a bookmark list, creating archives, editing or comparing files. From this point of view, the application resembles a standard file manager.

Create connection sessions and load them later

X-WinSCP enables you to initiate multiple sessions at the same time, which means that you can access more than one host or create a connection for each user. It can remember configuration settings and load them at a later time, so as to save you time. Sessions can be duplicated for a new FTP / SFTP server or executed via a PuTTy SSH terminal.

Another feature worth mentioning is the possibility to compare folders and quickly synchronize data. The application enables you to generate an action queue and prioritize tasks to complete important transfers first.

An open-source and useful FTP / SFTP client

X-WinSCP can be of great use in situations when you want to upload your important files to a FTP server. It eases the exchange of documents between the local and remote computers and thanks to its intuitive layout, working with a FTP server becomes a simple task.

X-WinSCP was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on September 25th, 2014
X-WinSCP - X-WinSCP is a portable FTP client that enables you to quickly and easily upload files to a FTP server.X-WinSCP - X-WinSCP enables you to easily navigate to the parent directory and open another folder.X-WinSCP - You can easily send the name of a file to the clipboard and edit a link using the 'Files' menu of X-WinSCP.X-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCPX-WinSCP