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Enables individuals to easily browse and manage online dictionaries, encyclopedias or books without an active Internet connection

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Kiwix Portable is a simple and handy program that can help you read content from the Internet, without actually being connected to it. This is possible by downloading entire online databases. The application is the portable counterpart of Kiwix.

The interface is clear-cut and intuitive, which means that any type of person can work with it without encountering issues, even though they might be novice users.

This software utility does not require installation, which means that you can easily copy all the program files to any location on the hard drive to run it, and even to a portable storage unit such as a USB flash drive. The last mentioned option enables you to run Kiwix Portable from any computer that you have access to. In addition to that, the application does not update the Windows registry, nor the Start menu/screen with new entries.

When first opening this software tool, you are presented with a list of all the available databases in a number of different languages (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German etc.). Some of these are dictionaries, encyclopedias (Wikipedia), books and so on. It is possible to sort and filter all the available documents according to their title, size, date, author or publishing house.

You should know downloading a specific database might take a while, seeing that they contain thousands of articles, with or without thumbnails.

There are a few options that enable you to customize the application. For example, from the “Display” menu you can change the skin, invert colors, zoom in or out, make the window appear in fullscreen, and show or hide tabs. You can also view the history and clean it, as well as check articles for integrity.

In conclusion, Kiwix Portable is a piece of software that contains a number of useful options which enable you to browse the Internet without actually being connected. Through features such as accessing a huge number of databases in several languages and customizing the view, the application proves itself to be efficient.

Kiwix Portable was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on November 10th, 2014
Kiwix Portable - You can access all the program menus and search for what you need from the main window.Kiwix Portable - Allow the software to download remote catalogs from the Preferences window.

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