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Use this lightweight standalone application to prevent the display of video advertisement on Dailymotion.com with a single button press

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Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker is a handy and efficient piece of software aimed to help you prevent annoying video commercials from appearing every time you want to watch something on Dailymotion.com.

Benefits of standalone tools

Subsequent to the download operation, the archive can be unzipped so you can launch the executable and start working with it right away, with no installation process required.

This translates into the ability to store and transport Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker with you on any removable memory drive, being able to use it on any computer you like, as well as delete it when done, leaving no other traces behind.

One-click Dailymotion advertisement blocker

When launching the program, bear in mind that you need to use your administrator privileges for it to function properly. The main window’s basic appearance makes it fairly straightforward and intuitive to use, even by less experienced individuals, as it only requires you to click on a button.

The application may also prompt you to restart your web browser of choice, so as to ensure that the performed modifications take full effect. Once you have ‘Blocked Dailymotion Ads’, the status in the main screen will switch from ‘Unblocked’ to ‘Blocked’.

From there on, the movies on the popular video hosting website will cease to display pesky video ads at the beginning. If, for whatever reason, you wish to revert the change, you can press on the exact same button, then reopen your browser, restoring everything to its original state.

A lightweight ad-removing instrument for Dailymotion

In closing, Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker proves to be a useful and very simple to understand utility that you can rely on to get rid of the advertisement from your favorite website, so you can watch your videos in peace.

Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker - The main window of Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker lets you remove advertisement with a single button pressPortable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker - By pressing the same button, you can revert the blocking process and continue viewing Dailymotion video ads