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You can use this user-friendly and efficient portable program to find what pages you accessed on Facebook, using the information from your web browsers

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Portable Facebook History Spy is a lightweight and easy to use software solution developed to provide you with a quick way of retrieving your Facebook activity log from the various web browsers that you used to connect to your profile.

The utility is quite straight-forward and intuitive, requiring basically no experience in handling similar tools, as you only need to click on the 'View History' button and Portable Facebook History Spy displays the recovered results in various tabs, corresponding to the Internet browsers you have on your system.

Portable Facebook History Spy supports several browsing applications, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, CoolNovo, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Canary/SXS and SeaMonkey, meaning that no matter which one you use, you will surely receive the results you are looking for.

When displaying your Facebook history, the program even indicates the file that is uses from your computer, along with its entire path. Additionally, it features the 'Website URL', the 'Facebook Page Title', the number of 'Visits' as well as the date of each visit.

By selecting an entry and clicking on the 'Open' button, the specific page opens in your default browser, on condition that you are connected to Facebook. The recovered data can be exported to XML, CSV or HTML format files, so in case you want to review or analyze the entries later, you can do that easily.

Thanks to its portability feature, you can store Portable Facebook History Spy on any removable media drive and carry it with you wherever you go, using it on any compatible computer. It requires no installation process, which means it will create no registry entries on the system, making its removal as easy as simply deleting the containing folder.

To conclude, Portable Facebook History Spy is a useful utility that helps you view and save the traces of your activity on Facebook, along with all the pages you accessed and its exact time and date.

Portable Facebook History Spy was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 18th, 2014
Portable Facebook History Spy - Portable Facebook History Spy is a simple tool that allows you to find the pages you accessed on Facebook