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Generates download links for your favorite online videos and allows you to quickly send them to the default browser in order to create a personal video library

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Portable J-Tube aims to give you a helping hand when it comes to downloading online videos to your computer, providing the basis to creating your own locally stored collection. The advantage to that is related to video accessibility, since you can always import them to a dedicated player and watch the media without having to wait for the content to buffer.

Combining ease of use with efficiency and speed, it can be of assistance in generating multiple download links for a specific URL, enabling you to choose between multiple file formats and playback qualities.

Portable J-Tube requires you to manually enter or paste the link you want it to analyze and process. Your only task is to ensure that the link is typed in correctly.

The download links are generated as soon as you press the designated button and displayed within a simple table, together with the corresponding video type, quality and resolution.

Portable J-Tube cannot download the files on its own, so it sends the links to the default web browser or to a download management tool installed on your computer, which performs the actual operation.

For your convenience, it keeps track of all the videos it processes, so that you don't have to search for the URL again when you want to restart the download.

One advantage of Portable J-Tube is that it does not require installation and it can be launched directly from a removable drive, without leaving marks in the registry. However, if you prefer to have the application installed, you can download J-Tube.

Portable J-Tube can only generate the download links for a specific video, leaving the actual grabbing operation to your browser or download manager. Even so, its ease of use, portability and fast processing speed makes it worth a try.

Portable J-Tube was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 14th, 2014
Portable J-Tube - Portable J-Tube is a small tool that allows you to generate download links for online videos.Portable J-Tube - Portable J-Tube remembers the processed links and stores them in the 'History' section.