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A self-explanatory and simple application that can be used to download individual photographs or entire albums from Flickr with ease

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One of the most popular and widely used online photo sharing platforms is Flickr, with millions of users worldwide. While Flickr offers its own downloading options, it is much easier to save images you like to the hard drive using a download manager specifically created for this purpose. One of the tools ready to give you a helping hand in this matter is suggestively called Portable TFlickrDownloader.

Grab Flickr images or entire photostreams at high speeds

The application enables you to download entire albums and photostreams with ease and at acceptable speed. Of course, the download time highly depends on the number of pictures and their size.

You start by creating a new project and specifying the URL of the photostream, choosing the download location and entering a custom name for the current task. You can specify the page range to scan for images and filter the images to download by their size.

Monitor the download progress and speed

While the task is being carried out, Portable TFlickrDownloader enables you to keep an eye on its progress, displaying the number of active threads, the processed images and the page progress, alongside the the download speed (which ranged from 160 to 180 KB per second during our tests) and the number of failed attempts.

When the operation is complete, a small notification window is displayed and all the grabbed images are displayed in an organized table, where you can preview them.

Download Flickr images on the go

Downloading images from Flickr is much easier with Portable TFlickrDownloader, since it can save photostreams, instead of having you download individual images one by one. It handles tasks at satisfactory speed rates, enabling you to quickly create a locally stored album.

Another of its advantages is related to portability, which means you can launch it directly from a removable device, without having your system registry affected in any way. Alternatively, you can also download the installer version of TFlickrDownloader.

Portable TFlickrDownloader was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 27th, 2015
Portable TFlickrDownloader - The main window of the application allows you to download individual images or entire photo albums from FlickrPortable TFlickrDownloader - You can easily create and edit as many projects as you want, as well as open existing onesPortable TFlickrDownloader - A new project can be created by entering the desired Flickr link and selecting the download folderPortable TFlickrDownloader - From the Settings window, you can choose the number of parallel downloads and disable the option of loading project images