Portable Universal Ad Blocker

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This is a small, yet useful utility that targets users in need of a quick tool for blocking advertisements while browsing the Internet

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Portable Universal Ad Blocker is a fairly simple program that can improve your experience with the web by blocking annoying ads. As opposed to similar ad-blocking products, this one manages to cover virtually any web browser on today’s market.

It is the to-go version of Universal Ad Blocker and sports the exact same feature set as the latter, but does not require installation. Moreover, it can be carried on a removable drive and launched on any machine without touching the registry.

Truth be told, there is some uniqueness to Portable Universal Ad Blocker, in the way that is sports a slightly different behavior than products belonging to the same category. We’ve seen a lot of browser extensions in action, however, the downside to them is that they bear exclusivity with a certain navigator.

On the other hand, Portable Universal Ad Blocker is compatible with any browser and there’s the first advantage of working with it. It also sports an intuitive interface, where blocking advertisements is a one-click operation, literally.

The changes do not depend on a browser restart, despite the fact that a special prompt (stating that a restart may be needed) is displayed whenever you change the status of the ad-blocking process. Nonetheless, in order to notice the effects, you need to reload each open tab.

On the downside, Portable Universal Ad Blocker lacks in flexibility, most of all. Compared to similar applications, including browser extensions, the program is low on features such as special filters and custom rules.

Portable Universal Ad Blocker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Portable Universal Ad Blocker - Universal Ad Blocker allows users to block and unblock ads for a more enjoyable web experience.