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Create a proper environment suitable for storing important data using standard SQL with the help of this handy software application

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A database is responsible for storing large quantities of data in an organized manner so that terminals used by the end user provide fast and accurate result. A certain level of programming knowledge is required, with various applications like H2 Database Engine Portable transforming all your code into a suitable environment for data storage.

A simple workspace provided

The application does not come equipped with its own interface, but rather runs all its features through a web browser. Anything you use can get the job done, so picking a browser is not something to worry about.

What's more, you need to connect to a local server you further use in your project, so take caution when providing the necessary details. The following step throws you directly into action. Most space is taken up by the text field which is where most code writing is done. A few helpful details are displayed to give you a quick start.

Quick access to common commands

In terms of writing, if you're familiar with standard SQL or JDBC API languages then you have no accommodation problems. Unfortunately, there's no implemented syntax highlighter to further aid. On the other hand, a side panel provides quick access to a handful of commands such as columns, indexes, rights, tables, views and more, you can insert with a single mouse click.

Fast connection with the server

The maximum numbers of rows can be set using a function located in the upper toolbar where you also manage to find options to execute either the whole script or a selected portion. An auto complete mode is available to ease your work a little. When connected, you can easily commit all data to the server, or choose to disconnect for testing purposes.

To end with

All things considered, H2 Database Engine Portable might not seem like an advanced database utility, but it can come in handy, especially if you're on the move. It can easily be kept on a removable storage device, giving you the possibility to work from anywhere you are as long as you have Internet access and a web browser at hand.

H2 Database Engine Portable was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 9th, 2015
H2 Database Engine Portable - H2 Database Engine Portable is a powerful SQL database written in Java.H2 Database Engine Portable - H2 Database Engine Portable will enable you to run SQL queries.H2 Database Engine Portable - This is the way H2 Database Engine Portable will execute your SQL statements.H2 Database Engine Portable - screenshot #4H2 Database Engine Portable - screenshot #5H2 Database Engine Portable - screenshot #6H2 Database Engine Portable - screenshot #7H2 Database Engine Portable - screenshot #8

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