Portable NbuExplorer

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Explore, extract and view the contents of your Nokia backup files with the help of this easy to use and portable software solution

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Portable NbuExplorer is dedicated to Nokia phone owners, enabling them to access backup files of various formats and explore theie content using the computer. With a simplistic appearance, it can be of great assistance in recovering messages, pictures and contact lists by extracting them from a previously created backup file.

The application can parse multiple file types, namely NBU, NBF, NFB, NFC and ARC, created with either Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite. It is capable of extracting the data comprised by a loaded backup file, displaying it within a forthright interface, with accessible menus and options.

The integrated tree view explorer displays the structure of the loaded backup, allowing you to easily access internal files. It bundles options for sorting the content ascending or descending, by name, extension, size or creation time and helps you export files to your computer for later use.

Portable NbuExplorer is capable of identifying and sorting files according to their type, displaying a list of SMS messages stored within the loaded file. It groups them in three categories, namely 'Inbox', 'Outbox' and 'Others', showing you the time of sending or receiving, the contact name and the actual text. The application gathers data from VMG files, the 'Predefmessages' folder, as well as the Symbian message store, while also being able to read binary encoded messages.

The application logs each file parsing operation, enabling you to quickly read about any error that might be triggered during processing. In order to prevent file corruption, backup files are only accessed in read-only mode.

Portable NbuExplorer can prove useful in cases when you need to retrieve messages or contacts from a backup file, offering you a way to extract such content quickly and easily. It is the portable version of NbuExplorer, which does not require installation and runs without affecting the registry.

Portable NbuExplorer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
Portable NbuExplorer - You can open and explore the contents of your backup file from the main window of Portable NbuExplorer.Portable NbuExplorer - The right-click menu allows you to sort the entries ascending or descending.Portable NbuExplorer - Portable NbuExplorer can also extract inbox and outbox items, as well as other types of messages from the loaded file.Portable NbuExplorer - screenshot #4