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Enjoy your Spotify playlists within a familiar Winamp-inspired graphical interface by using this handy and intuitive software solution

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Winamp has been the audio player that most Windows users grew up with, as it was not only intuitive, but also feature-packed, raising the bar for all the multimedia applications released in recent years.

Those who are having a hard time parting ways with this app, yet who have already created an account on Spotify to enjoy their tunes, can get the best of both worlds in Portable Spotiamb.

As opposed to Spotiamb, the portable version does not require any installation so it can be carried on a portable USB flash drive and launched when needed. Furthermore, no entries will be added to Windows Registry.

However, there is one requirement that is vital for using this app and that is Spotify Premium subscription - if this service is not available in your area, then you will not be able to use Portable Spotiamb.

Once you enter your registered username and password, your Spotify playlists will be displayed within the main window of Portable Spotiamb, just like they would be shown when using Winamp (the well-known equalizer is also present, along with the Shuffle and Loop functions).

Another noteworthy feature of the application is its support for Shoutcast servers, thus allowing you to stream the songs you are listening to other compatible devices that support Shoutcast.

In addition, Portable Spotiamb allows you to load Winamp visualization plugins and skins, so you can customize it as you like, by simply copying these files to their suitable folders.

All in all, the application will surely be appreciated by all those who purchased a Spotify Premium subscription, especially if they are also diehard fans of Winamp and its graphic interface.

Still, if Spotify is not available in your country just yet, you might want to start looking for a traditional audio player, even if it might not look like Winamp.

Portable Spotiamb was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 25th, 2015
Portable Spotiamb - Once you login to your Spotify Premium account, you can listen to your SPotoify playlists within a Winamp-inspired appPortable Spotiamb - screenshot #2

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