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XMPlay is an audio player that supports various popular audio formats, and playlists. It can play OGG - Ogg Vorbis, MP3 - MPEG1/2/2.5 layer 3, MP2 - MPEG layer 2, MP1 - MPEG layer 1, WMA - Windows Media Audio, WAV (any format that has a codec installed) and CDA - CD Audio.
Last updated on February 23rd, 2015
Portable XMPlay - XMPlay can display the main control panel, a mini playlist editor and an 9 band equalizer. Main panel shows various info on the playing track.Portable XMPlay - Track info and extended playlist window displays details about the playing track and allows you to switch to visualization view.Portable XMPlay - Users can configure the way the application looks from Appearance menu of Options panel. You can change the skin, and customize the Info window.Portable XMPlay - Playlist settings allow you to enable different actions for new tracks, define the file types that should be ignored and configure the List Advancing.Portable XMPlay - MOD settings make available mixing options, auto-looping and changing the MOD playback mode.Portable XMPlay - DSP configuration window lets you modify the amplification, set the auto amplification as well as configure the available plugins.

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A portable audio player with support for some of the most popular file formats, enabling you to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks on the go


Also available: XMPlay

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