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Create a wide range of modifiable 3D objects, assemble animations, apply textures and use powerful render engines for a high-quality preview

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Every multimedia masterpiece, video and audio, undergoes heavy processing to provide either flawless animations, transitions, effects or high-quality sound. In this regard, K-3D Portable comes equipped with a large variety of creation, modeling and editing options in order to create 3D objects, render them and assemble animations.

Real time updating and interactive preview section

As the name suggests, this version can easily be deployed on a removable storage device and used on the go, which increases flexibility. There's also the installer version in case you need to use a 3D modeling and rendering application on a work computer.

Running it for the first time gives you the possibility to load several examples that display several scenarios that can be created using the application. All of them are fully-editable, it an interactive preview section that updates in real time and is also able to run animations while you edit values.

Rich library of objects to create

A side panel is home to all available editing fields, with entries for basic info, positioning, shape, size, type, functions and more. In addition, you can add materials or easily transform mesh and corresponding characteristics.

When it comes to objects you work with, the application can pride itself with a rich components library, with fully modifiable objects like polygonal structures, spheres, torus, cones and more. Unfortunately, flexibility is not such a big advantage, with shallow options when it comes to importing and exporting 3D objects.

Several powerful render engines

On the other hand, all of your creations can be displayed in a high-quality representation with the help of some powerful render engines the application comes equipped with. By default, you are offered to use RenderMan, but you can also choose Yarafy, LuxRender, as well as Indigo.

To sum it up

All in all, K-3D Portable might not be the best of its kind when it comes to 3D objects creation and animations, but it can do a pretty good job overall. It's disappointing to see little support for other file formats, but the amount of options and rich content library help tip the scales in the application's favor.

K-3D Portable was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on November 22nd, 2014
K-3D Portable - The main window of the application can be used to load the files you want to edit.K-3D Portable - Access the Mesh modifier and the Transform Modifier from the right click menu.K-3D Portable - This is how you can use the Tools menu seen below to access the Duplicate function.K-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D PortableK-3D Portable

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