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An intuitive application that can come in handy to all users who want to reduce the size of their images without losing the initial quality

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The higher the resolution of a picture, the more space it takes on your computer. However, this all depends on the compression method used. Portable Caesium is an easy-to-use tool that can reduce the size of the pictures without losing too much of the original quality.

The app comes with a clean interface that should be easy to figure out even by beginners. The main frame incorporates all the important buttons, the file list, the compression options and side-by-side windows for comparing your “before” and “after” files.

The software supports batch processing, which means multiple files can be compressed at the same time. In order to select the quality settings, you must pull on a slider. Higher values result in less pixelized photos, but also, higher file sizes.

The quality setting can be adjusted for each individual photo, or they can be applied in bulk, to all the images. Also, the output folder can be defined, while a suffix can be added to the new files before saving. A default directory can be appointed from the program’s settings.

Additionally, the software can delete the original files from your disk or skip the entire process if the output file’s size is greater than the original.

You can add individual files or entire folders to the list. Removing them from the queue can be done easily, but the app also enables you to delete the image from the disk drive at the same time.

The software supports three output file formats: JPG, BMP and PNG.

All in all, Portable Caesium is a nice tool that compresses your pictures while maintaining most of the quality. The app is easy to work with and inexperienced users shouldn't have any difficulties. Since the software is portable, it doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. Furthermore, you it can be used from any portable devices, such as USB flash drives.

Portable Caesium was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on November 28th, 2013
Portable Caesium - The application enables you to load multiple images from your computer and compresses them.Portable Caesium - Opening the File menu, you can add more pictures, save the current profile or load an existing one.Portable Caesium - Accessing the Edit menu, you can remove an item from the list or clear the list entirely.Portable Caesium - screenshot #4Portable Caesium - screenshot #5Portable Caesium - screenshot #6Portable Caesium - screenshot #7Portable Caesium - screenshot #8

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