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Optimize your PNG images on the go and convert BMP, TGA and GIF formats into PNG files with the help of this portable and easy to use application

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Portable PngOptimizer is a handy tool for those who want to save some storage space by compressing their image collection, without making compromise on the graphic quality. Additionally, the application can also be used as a picture conversion tool with support for a single output format: PNG.

Keep things simple with a forthright interface

Aiming to ease your work as much as possible, Portable PngOptimizer features a straightforward GUI, with no buttons or menus to get in your way. Not even an 'open' button is available and the only way you can load new images is to drag and drop them in the main window.

As soon as a PNG picture is dropped, Portable PngOptimizer starts analyzing it and initiates the optimization procedure. The original and the final file size are displayed, alongside the compression percentage. The application is set to replace the original files, but you can instruct it to create a backup of them first and save both images in the output location.

Optimize PNGs and convert images with ease

What Portable PngOptimizer actually does is remove unnecessary elements from the PNG image, so as to reduce its size without affecting the quality. As such, it can eliminate the background color, textual data and physical pixel dimensions and the file date. In the 'Options' window you can specify which items to keep, in case you don't want to erase it all.

Despite its name which suggests otherwise, the functionality of Portable PngOptimizer is not limited to compressing PNG files. It also works as an image converter, enabling you to obtain PNG images out of input GIF, BMP and TGA files. Unfortunately, these three file formats are currently the only supported file types.

A portable and handy PNG optimization and conversion tool

Portable PngOptimizer provides you with a simple and fast way to strip your PNG pictures of information you don't need, so as to reduce their size. It supports animated PNG files as well and thanks to its simple approach, optimizing and converting your images is done in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, it is a special version of PngOptimizer that does not require installation, so you can carry it around with you anywhere you go.

Portable PngOptimizer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
Portable PngOptimizer - You can use Portable PngOptimizer to compress your PNG images and convert files to PNG format.Portable PngOptimizer - The right-click menu of Portable PngOptimizer enables you to access the screenshots directory.Portable PngOptimizer - You will be able to change the target directory and maximize compression level from the 'Screenshot Options' window.Portable PngOptimizer - screenshot #4

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