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A simple to use graphic editor that enables you to convert regular photos into artistic pieces by applying the posterizing effect

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Portable Posterize9 is a reliable application that enables you to apply the posterizing effect to your images, thus turning them into artistic pictures. The software is easy to use and allows you to control the amount of manipulation applied to the photo, as well as save the final result to your computer.

Easy photo manipulation

With Portable Posterize9, you may apply multiple combinations of photo effects, in order to obtain modern digital paintings. It is a useful tool for artists who support this type of graphics, since the software can process an image within seconds. The application features three photo effects that you can combine.

The main feature, the posterizing effect comes in three modes and is also manageable with the help of the slider button. It enables you to set the suitable amount of manipulation applied to the image. Aside from turning smooth tone transition into abrupt color changes, Portable Posterize9 automatically turns the image to black and white. The three methods of posterizing effect are based on red, green and blue filters.

Posterizing and other artistic effects

Posterize is an algorithm that transforms realistic images into vector-like images, by converting smooth color gradation to blunt color changes. In other words color and luminosity gradual transitions are turned into blotches of defined colors. It is a popular photo effect, that allows you to create poster-like images and it works best when applied to portraits.

Aside from posterizing images, the application can also apply the Oilify effect, which implies rounding and blurring the contours, in order to obtain a picture that resembles an oil painting. Moreover, you can apply color to the posterized image: simply select the desired tinge, then using the hand shaped cursor just click on the area you wish colorized.

A quick way to turn images into artistic pieces

Portable Posterize9 is easy to use and helps you turn your plain photos into artistic pieces, for online publishing. Additionally, you can apply the photo filter in order to obtain a sketch for a real painting, since the posterize effect enables you to easily trace the object contours.It can only handle one picture at a time, but it processes it within seconds and the current effect configuration is maintained even if you close the program.

Portable Posterize9 was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Portable Posterize9 - Portable Posterize9 enables you to create artistic pieces, starting from regular photos and applying the posterizing effect.Portable Posterize9 - You may adjust the level of manipulation you bring to the photo as well as apply other effects, such as oilify and colorize.

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