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With this simple and effective standalone application, you can adjust the dimensions of your favorite pictures and convert them to other formats

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Portable Voralent ROMEO is an efficient and easy to understand software utility aimed to cater to your photo cropping needs, enabling you to modify the width and height of your favorite pictures, while also providing you with conversion functions.

Portability advantages

Being a standalone tool, it does not require installation in order to function properly on your computer, as you simply need to decompress the archive and run the executable to get started.

As a consequence, you can place Portable Voralent ROMEO on a removable storage device, for instance a USB stick, carrying with you and using it on all compatible systems, without a problem.

Swiftly crop and convert photos on the go

The application supports drag and dropping the picture you want to resize onto the main window, yet it cannot work with multiple files simultaneously, meaning that if you need to perform batch operations, Portable Voralent ROMEO will not be able to satisfy your needs.

After adding the source image, you can click on the ‘Crop’ button which enables you to use your mouse cursor to determine the new dimensions for the photo. Since ‘Undo’ is not available, if you do not succeed on the first try, you can only press ‘Reset’ to start from zero.

The retractable menu of the utility allows you to choose the output format of your resized picture, the available options being JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF or TIFF. At the same time, Portable Voralent ROMEO lets you select one of three distinct ‘Conversion Algorithms’, namely ‘Bilinear’, ‘Bicubic’ or ‘Nearest Neighbor’.

A lightweight image resizer

To conclude, Portable Voralent ROMEO is a useful and intuitive program which you can use whenever you need to crop or convert pictures between popular image formats, being a practical and no-fuss tool suitable even for novices.

Portable Voralent ROMEO was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
Portable Voralent ROMEO - In the main window of Portable Voralent ROMEO, you can load the image that you want to work withPortable Voralent ROMEO - The dedicated menu enables you to configure the format options, including the conversion algorithmPortable Voralent ROMEO - In terms of output format, the tool lets you convert images to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMPPortable Voralent ROMEO

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