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Lightweight tool which enables you to identify color harmonies with great ease, view information regarding them and copy them to the Clipboard

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Color Calculator is a software application developed in Flash, which enables you to view color harmonies, choose a design and copy all the information to the Clipboard for further use.

Perks of portable tools

This utility is portable, which means that you can bypass the installation process with great ease. Instead, you can move the program files to a pen drive or other external data device, so as to run it on any machine you can get your hands on, just by clicking on the executable.

Another important aspect you should take into consideration is that Color Calculator is not going to create new files or other items to the hard disk or the Windows registry, and no leftovers will remain after its removal.

Clear-cut environment

The interface you are greeted by presents a simple build, as it contains a menu bar and a few panes which enable you to choose color harmonies, change the design and view data about the shades chosen. It can be used with great ease about all user categories, from beginners to highly experienced people.

Tweaking settings

It is possible to choose the color harmony with one of the multiple geometrical shapes integrated, namely square, rectangle, triad, triangle and complement. Aside from that, you can choose one out of the four designs displayed and control the lightness and saturation levels with the help of the built-in slider bars.

You can view the color identifying HTML, CMYK and RGB codes, and save all this data to the Clipboard, so that you can also use it in other programs.


All in all, Color Calculator is a simple and pretty handy piece of software, dedicated to people who want to find color harmonies. The interface is intuitive, the response time is good, the system’s performance is not impeded and there are enough options to tinker with.

Color Calculator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 25th, 2014
Color Calculator - Rotate the color harmony wheel and adjust saturation and lightness in order to get the desired color.

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