Portable Lightscreen

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A portable application that allows you to take screenshots of your desktop or of a fixed size area and can upload the images to Imgur

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Capturing the images on the desktop can be an annoying task if you use the common method of pushing the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard and pasting the image in an editor. Portable Lightscreen is a small tool that was created to help you perform this task a lot easier.

The app has a simple interface that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive interface.

Portable Lightscreen can grab the image of the entire screen, a certain window or a screen area. The program comes with some keyboard shortcuts to help you perform all these tasks, but you can modify them however you want. By default, only “Capture the screen” is enabled, but this can be changed very easily.

The program lets you define an output directory and the default file format for the screenshot. The app supports several image types, such as JPG, PNG and BMP. The quality of the image may also be modified with the help of a slider.

Furthermore, it’s possible to alter several other settings. For instance, the program’s interface can hide while taking a screenshot. Furthermore, the cursor can be included in the screenshot, the image copied to clipboard and the PNG files optimized.

The bottom line is that Portable Lightscreen is a nice utility that can come in handy quite often. Inexperienced users should find the app easy to use, thanks to the intuitive layout. Since the program is portable, it doesn’t make any changes to the computer, including Registry keys.

Portable Lightscreen was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on April 21st, 2014
Portable Lightscreen - The main window enables you to capture screenshots of a fixed area, a specified window or the whole desktop.Portable Lightscreen - In the General tab you can change the file output directory and choose a default name for your screenshots.Portable Lightscreen - You can easily change the keyboard shortcuts in the Hotkeys tab to better fit your needs.Portable Lightscreen - In the Options tab you can access the screenshot preview settings and enable the sound cue when you take a picture.

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