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A free open source application for 3D modeling, rendering, animation, post-production, interactive creation and playback

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3D modeling is not a place for newbies. Or at least this is the first impression X-Blender Portable offers to the users that are not experimented in this particular field. Its rich creation suite, fully-featured with layered panels and multitude of buttons and options catches the eye instantly and offers a general view of what the program is all about.

All in all the user interface for this 3d modeling tool is as accessible as it can get while providing such a broad panel of features doubled by a wide database of materials, textures, motion tracking levels, editing sequences, world and ambient effects or lighting parameters.

The core of X-Blender Portable's usability resides within the windows and panels cleverly displayed on the user interface. The tool features a timeline that helps the user keep track of the animation playback, graph and dope sheet editors that combine singular actions into sequences, non linear animation or image UV editors.

Experimented users can joggle options when it comes to the three dimensional modeling, and also they can develop shapes and apply rotation points, mirror, warp or relocating tasks. A broad set of implicit customizable objects is implemented within the app database, along with adjustable surfaces, shadow and volumetric light rendering filters, skinning and rigging explorable menus and options.

Also, created objects and shapes can be put in motion using physical simulation techniques, force fields and collision tools along with particular options for a multitude of natural elements.

The features that reunites knowledge from the whole set of functions withing the Tool is the Game Engine that has the ultimate goal of helping developers create 3D applications and simulations. The most important difference between the Game Engine and the rest of the software features consists in the rendering process that is performed in real-time at a higher quality rate.

The bottom line resides in the fact that, regardless of the complexity of this attractive software application, after a peak at the possible resulting projects, whether you are a 3d modeling master or novice, it deserves a walk-through.

X-Blender Portable was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on October 23rd, 2014
X-Blender Portable - X-Blender Portable will provide users with 3D modeling, rendering, animation, post-production, interactive creation and playbackX-Blender Portable - The File menu will offer a list of basic functions as well as Link, Append, Import / Export or External Data optionsX-Blender Portable - Users will be able to access options such as Mesh, Curve, Surface, Metalball, Text, Armature, Lattice or Camera from the Add menuX-Blender Portable - screenshot #4X-Blender Portable - screenshot #5X-Blender Portable - screenshot #6X-Blender Portable - screenshot #7X-Blender Portable - screenshot #8X-Blender Portable - screenshot #9X-Blender Portable - screenshot #10