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A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that allows you to monitor your download and upload speeds for each network adapter you use

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Although your operating system displays your Internet speed, it does it in a fairly complicated and not that accessible way. Portable 3R Bandwidth Monitor is a handy piece of software that can help you quickly determine your Internet speed, displaying it for every protocol and network adapter used.

Quick and reliable bandwidth tracker

The application can help you determine your Internet speed, by monitoring each network adapter, then displaying statistics about your download and upload speeds. In this manner, you can see whether your bandwidth is too busy, then kill processes that slow it down. Furthermore, you are able to change the connection used, and monitor each one in particular.

On top of that, you are provided with statistics about your top upload and download speed, which gives you a clear view of the capabilities of your bandwidth connection, as well as its limitations.

Dependable Internet connection monitor with minimalistic task manager

Aside from bandwidth monitoring, Portable 3R Bandwidth Monitor offers you a handy utility that works as a simple Task Manager which displays processes and their PID, allowing you to stop each one of them. This tool can help you quickly kill processes that are unresponsive or occupy too much of your Internet speed.

Due to the fact the application is portable, it does not require installation and it does not modify any registries. This means that you can copy it on flash drives or data discs, then run it on any computer to determine various bandwidth speeds.

A sturdy and efficient bandwidth monitor

To sum it up, Portable 3R Bandwidth Monitor offers you the means necessary to track your Internet speed. Although it could be improved to offer more statistics or record and log download speeds during runtime, it does what it promises in a simple and efficient manner.

3R Bandwidth Monitor was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
3R Bandwidth Monitor - The main window of 3R Bandwidth Monitor enables users to track the download and upload speed3R Bandwidth Monitor - The Settings window is the place where users can modify the colors of the text or the gradient top