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Calculates various network-related parameters, allowing you to perform subnetting operations and determine the usable host range

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Portable DivIP is a subnet calculator that helps network administrators in managing subnetworks and workstations. Its main function is to assist you in dividing IP addresses and creating subnets of the same or different sizes.

The interface resembles the specific appearance of Windows 8 modern programs, while the ease of use allows both inexperienced users to get around the application without facing important problems. The GUI is tab-based, offering one-click access to all the tools.

The 'IP' tab is where you can specify the IP address you want the application to analyze. Provided the format is correct and the address is considered valid, the application displays the source, the network and the broadcast IP address in decimal and binary form, along with the usable host range.

Under the 'Subnet' tab, you can perform subnetting operations, which means that Portable DivIP divides a network into multipe sub-networks. Your only task is to specify the IP address and the desired number of hosts.

The application generates all the subnets, their broadcast IP address and the host range. In addition to this, it allows you to view a summary of the calculation, including the number of subnets and bits, as well as the number of jump steps.

Subnet masks can be easily converted into wildcard masks with this application, while the VLSM ('Variable Length Subnet Masking') function allows you to create subnets of various sizes.

The data that Portable DivIP generates can be easily exported to a locally stored text file.

Portable DivIP features the same functionality as DivIP (installer version), but it brings one more advantage to the table; it does not leave traces in the registry and can be launched from a removable drive. Its stylish appearance makes is perfect for all network administrators, allowing them to easily perform subnet calculations.

Portable DivIP was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 14th, 2014
Portable DivIP - Portable DivIP displays the source, network and broadcast IP addresses in binary and decimal format.Portable DivIP - You can use Portable DivIP to perform subnetting and viewing the usable host range for a given IP.Portable DivIP - Portable DivIP supports VLSM operations, enabling you to generate subnets of different sizes.Portable DivIP - screenshot #4Portable DivIP - screenshot #5