Portable LDAPSearch

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A simple, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to search Active Directory and eDirectory repositories in a comfortable manner

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Portable LDAPSearch is a handy and reliable application that can remotely search within Active Directory or eDirectory servers. Search queries can be adjusted to your taste, while the findings can be saved to an output file, for later use.

The purpose served by Portable LDAPSearch is that of easily locating information inside a server directory. It can also be used to acknowledge connectivity issues inside a problematic server in order to troubleshoot it.

It is a portable application, designed as an exact replica of LDAPSearch, the only difference being related to the deployment process. The portable edition does not require installation and can be run from a removable drive, without affecting the system registry.

Portable LDAPSearch is brought inside a fairly intuitive and user-friendly interface, where several parameters are to be provided by the user. First and foremost, for the connection to be possible, you are required to enter the host name or IP address, followed by the LDAP port, as well as credentials, if any.

The next step is to configure the search options, including the LDAP Base DN, the object filter, the scope of the search and the timeout interval for the operation. At this point, you can press the ‘Start Search’ button, which will trigger the connection and initiate the search process.

Results will be delivered at a fast pace and listed somewhere in the lower part of the UI, in a form that’s easy to interpret. It is also possible to save the report to an output file, for later reviewing.

In conclusion, Portable LDAPSearch is a non-intrusive application that can offer an insight of what an Active Directory or eDirectory server contains and whether it’s responsive to your queries. There’s very little effort involved in the process, which is an undeniable upside.

Portable LDAPSearch was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Portable LDAPSearch - The main window of LDAPSearch is the place where you need to enter the host name or the IPPortable LDAPSearch