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Scan your wireless networka nd generate a list of all IP addresses connected to it, in order to spot any intruders and take appropriate action

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Portable WiFi Network Monitor is a lightweight application that can conduct an extensive scan on a Wi-Fi network in order to detect potential intruders. It processes a given IP range and retrieves a list of all active connections, which you can then save for later use.

Portability perks

It is the portable version of WiFi Network Monitor, designed as an exact replica of the latter, the only difference being in the deployment process. As opposed to the setup-based approach, the to-go edition does not require installation and can be carried on a removable drive and put to use on any computer.

Scan the network automatically or set an IP range

Portable WiFi Network Monitor is a network scanner, in essence, and this is made obvious gradually, as you experiment with it. Its inner detection engine automatically searches for Wi-Fi networks and calculates the corresponding IP range in order to ease your efforts.

However, it is possible to change the IP interval via the Manual mode. Once this parameter is set, you can initiate the scan process which can take a fair amount of while, depending on the length of the range. Upon completion, the program displays a prompt that informs you about the number of hosts connected to your wireless network.

A more detailed report is provided inside the main window, where you can view the host names and MAC addresses of the devices that are active inside the Wi-Fi network. However, there’s no possibility to reject connections or ban IPs, which is yet another proof of the application being a scanner rather than a monitor.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Portable WiFi Network Monitor provides a simple way of keeping tabs on the IPs that are connected to your network. There’s no actual monitoring option, despite what its name implies.

Portable WiFi Network Monitor was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on September 12th, 2014
Portable WiFi Network Monitor - Portable WiFi Network Monitor is able to scan your network in order to detect connected hosts.