Orzeszek Timer Portable

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An intuitive and user-friendly software utility that enables you to start a countdown starting with the values you specify, then play a sound when the time runs out

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If you are one of the users who like to use their computer for as many tasks as possible, then you are probably searching for nifty tools that can help you in your endeavors.

For example, Orzeszek Timer Portable can come in handy if you need a countdown tool that notifies you as soon as time has run out.

Portable timer with minimalistic looks

Since this application is a portable one, it means that, unlike Orzeszek Timer, it does not need to be installed onto your computer and that all its setting files are stored within the same folder where the executable is.

You can also copy it on a removable flash drive that you typically carry it with you, so you simply connect it to your PC whenever you need a countdown timer. Its GUI is kept as simple as possible, making it ideal for those who like straightforward looks.

Handy timer that supports varied source formats

In order to make the most of this utility, you need to enter the source time you are interested in - and this is where Orzeszek Timer Portable stands out from the crowd.

Since it is meant to be as flexible and as useful as possible, the application supports a wide range of formats, meaning that you can enter either 5h 15m 55s or 05/05/2015 5:00 PM without worrying that the timer does not start. Once you types the desired values, simply press Enter, minimize the main window and leave the app running in the background.

Play a sound or display a message when the time runs out

All in all, Orzeszek Timer Portable can prove to be a versatile utility for all those who want to be reminded when the time runs out, without too much hassle.

The app comes with a highly intuitive GUI, yet some might argue that it is too simplistic and that some features are missing, such as customizing the notification message.

Orzeszek Timer Portable was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 15th, 2014
Orzeszek Timer PortableOrzeszek Timer Portable