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Portable Document Format files, commonly referred to as PDF documents, require a special type of application if you want to open them to look at the contents. Such tools are not hard to find, especially since the undisputed leader of this software category is the well-known Adobe Reader.

Those who want a slim version of the most widespread PDF viewing utility can now enjoy an edition that goes by the name of Portable Adobe Reader Lite. This app is delivered as a stand-alone executable and needs just a simple double click to be up and running.

Of course, the interface is similar to the one of its bigger brother while the functionality is still great, so you won't really feel like missing something if you choose not to install the big Adobe Reader package and use this portable software.

The application loads pretty fast, but this depends a lot on the storage device you choose to run it from. Still, during our tests we were impressed by how well it replaces the original version when it comes to opening and handling PDF documents.

Some options like those for signing the PDFs, the security features or the spell check have not been made available for this version but you can still make good use of the rest of the features.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that Portable Adobe Reader Lite comes with the extensive 'Preferences' menu that enables you to tweak and customize in detail the running settings of the program.

All in all, it's safe to say that with this portable version of Adobe Reader you just can't go wrong. It handles flawlessly the Portable Document Format files and comes with a nice set of functions that complement the basic PDF viewing ability.

Portable Adobe Reader Lite was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 24th, 2012
Portable Adobe Reader Lite - You can easily and comfortably view PDF files as well as navigate the pages of the document, adjut page zoom or send it to the printer.Portable Adobe Reader Lite - Edit menu makes available a set of functions among which spell-checking, search, or select all.Portable Adobe Reader Lite - Security Settings panel lets you configure the digital IDs, directory servers and the time stamp servers.Portable Adobe Reader Lite - Documents section of the Preferences window permits the user to customize document open and save settings.Portable Adobe Reader Lite - General configuration permits you to configure the basic tools, warnings, printing and the way the application starts up.Portable Adobe Reader Lite - The list of options for page display is generous and it includes choices for layout and zoom, resolution, text rendering as well as page content information.

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