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Create your personal phone book and edit or delete contacts, adding custom fields to store more details about your friends, customers and acquaintances

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Depending on your domain of activity, you might need to keep track of people you come across, each with its own details, from name to company related info. Your memory is not always suitable for the task of precisely remembering these details. Luckily, specialized applications like Portable Free Address Book let you create and manage a thorough contacts database.

Lightweight and easy to use

One of the main advantages of this version is that you can take it anywhere you go, because it requires no installation. Once you plug the storage device in a computer, you need not worry whether or not it runs.

The application only takes up about roughly 1 Mb of disk space and uses a considerable low amount of system resources. Taking it for a spin lets you quickly accommodate due to the intuitive design. Several preset fields let you store nearly any details you need to include.

Manage groups and add custom details

The workspace put at your disposal is split into two sections. One is a list of all your contacts, which you can sort according to different criteria. The other panel lets you view all details of a contact, including a picture you can add.

A search field is put at your disposal to ease looking up contacts in your database. Additionally, you are able to create groups and cleverly manage entries. This comes in handy for more teams that are involved in a project.

When creating a new contact there is no mandatory field. You can fill in only details of interest, with the possibility to add custom fields in case the default don't suffice. However, these are displayed in separate tabs, with no possibility to arrange them in order to eliminate empty fields.

To end with

All in all, Portable Free Address Book is exactly what the name wants you to believe. The interface is both intuitive and cleverly designed, with all available features quickly accessible. Custom fields give you the possibility to include any specific details and groups further enhance the practical side. Your memory might not always remember everyone you meet, but this application does.

Portable Free Address Book was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 12th, 2015
Portable Free Address Book - Portable Free Address Book enables you to create a database with details about your contacts, such as name, phone number, address, and many more.Portable Free Address Book - If you want to add contacts to the database you have to access the contact editor and fill in the required fields.Portable Free Address Book - You can import a list of contacts from a CSV file or from an older version of Portable Free Address Book.Portable Free Address Book - You can save specific information about your contacts by accessing the Other section and adding custom data fields.