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A note manager that provides additional support for images, tables, comments and logic frames, enabling you to write down all your tasks and observations

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Portable FreeText enables you to take notes and store details about upcoming tasks, create to-do lists and input all types of data you want to write down during browsing sessions. Whether you find a handy piece of information, an interesting quote or a picture you want to temporarily store, this application can be of assistance.

Portability and ease of use

As its name suggests, it is a special version of FreeText that does not require installation and runs without leaving any fingerprints in the registry. As such, you can carry it around with you on a removable device and use it on the go.

Take notes and store various data

Its look is similar to that of a text editor, but its purpose is a bit different. Aside from text, it enables you to store tables, images, comments and logic frames, providing a collection of symbols that can help you organize your information, create intelligible sketches and draw focus on important elements.

For instance, you can use it to manage various information sources for a project you are working on and create an instruction set for each step you have to take.

Embed tables, images and comments into your notes

Tables can be extended to include as many columns and rows as you need. Portable FreeText can insert images into your notes, providing support for the most common graphic formats, namely BMP, ICO, CUR, EMF, JPEG, PNG and GIF. Moreover, it enables you to include comments to describe situations and enter explanations.

A note taking application that can ease your work

Portable FreeText can be used as a virtual notebook for taking notes, writing down observations, and managing tasks. It can help you organize your work and tasks in a much more efficient manner, while storing all kinds of information for later use.

Portable FreeText was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 9th, 2014
Portable FreeText - You can use Portable FreeText to create documents containing notes, texts, images and tables.Portable FreeText - The 'Settings' window of Portable FreeText enables you to activate the shortcut keys.Portable FreeText - Users can easily customize the editor's appearance by changing the default theme and the font size.Portable FreeText