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A handy schedule organizer and event reminder that does not require installation, enabling you to launch it directly from a removable device

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Portable StarReminder aims to help you remember important events by displaying on-screen reminders and providing assistance in organizing your everyday schedule. You can use it to keep track of on-going, upcoming or completed tasks and create post-its for your desktop.

Organize your daily activity

Its interface is actually a calendar that you can use to mark important dates. Navigating through months and years is easily done by using the designated arrows. The list of events asociated with a specific day can be accessed via the 'Tasks' section, where entries can be filtered by status (suspended or completed).

The application enables you to schedule specific tasks at a user-defined time in the future and comes with a 'repeat' function for periodical events. You can assign a custom name to each event and associate it notes to provide remarks and comments.

Set alerts and create post-its

The notification system of Portable StarReminder enables it to display popups on the screen, along with sound alerts and e-mail reminders. In addition to this, you can configure it to execute commands when the deadline of an event is reached, such as launching a program, restarting or shutting down the computer.

The application enables you to create an unlimited number of virtual post-its and place them anywhere on your desktop to get visual reminders or create your own to-do list.

A practical schedule organizer

Portable StarReminder is a practical application, acting as a daily planner, a task scheduler and organizer, a calendar and an alarm clock. It is a reliable and handy tool for active people, helping them not forget about important events or appointments during a busy day.

Portable StarReminder was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 19th, 2015
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