Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine

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With this simple standalone program, you can organize your daily events on the dot, being able to use every moment you have to the fullest

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Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine is a useful and effective piece of software developed to offer you the means of scheduling your every moment, enabling you to take advantage of your time and be as productive as possible.

No installation needed

As a standalone tool, it does not require installation, being prepared for usage as soon as you decompress the downloaded archive and run the executable, thus sparing you from having to wait around for until you can work with it.

In addition, this means you can easily carry Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine with you on a removable storage device and continue to be reminded of your events or tasks, regardless of where you may find yourself.

Effortlessly create and run alarms, reminders and alerts

The utility is fairly simple to understand and work with, featuring a field where you can input your ‘Time Expression’ and allowing you to ‘Run’, ‘Run and Hide’ or ‘Test’ it to ensure its proper functioning.

In a side panel, you can browse through the ‘Libraries’ of existing alerts, being able to learn how they function more easily by reviewing the examples. In the ‘Alarms’ section are listed your own undergoing tasks, while the ‘Test’ tab allows you to observe the steps of a ‘Time Expression’.

When creating an alarm, you can give it a duration  (+5 represents five minutes, while +3m30s refers to three and a half minutes). You can also use absolute time (for instance 12:45), or repeat certain items (using *). In addition, you can insert a ‘Signal’ (the message displayed in the tooltip once it expires), set it to open a media file (MP3, WAV, PNG, etc) or launch a program (EXE).

A handy event scheduler you can take with you

Overall, Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine proves to be a complex yet user-friendly application that can assist you in organizing your tasks, reminding yourself of upcoming events or being alerted when a deadline is due, all with minimal effort for you.

Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine - The main window of Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine allows you to browse through the available alarms or create your ownPortable Wondrous Alarm Machine - After running a time expression, you can view it in the 'Alarms' tab and optionally cancel itPortable Wondrous Alarm Machine - The Test tab enables you to see how the application functions and the steps it goes throughPortable Wondrous Alarm Machine - screenshot #4Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine - screenshot #5Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine - screenshot #6Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine - screenshot #7Portable Wondrous Alarm Machine - screenshot #8