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A handy clipboard management utility that brings the advantage of portability, enabling you to launch it directly from a removable device

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Portable Clipdiary Free extends the capabilities of the Windows clipboard by storing more than a single entry and enabling you to paste a previously copied text piece or file path.

The application is actually a special version of Clipdiary Free that does not require installation, which means that you can launch it directly from a USB stick or a similar device without leaving traces in the computer's registry.

Stores the clipboard history in a single place

Running silently in the system tray, Portable Clipdiary Free monitors the clipboard in real time and stores all the items within its main window, enabling you to manage them much easier. It does its job in the background, without interrupting you from your work, while staying at your disposal for when you need it to paste a previously copied entry.

Aiming to improve your workflow and the overall productivity, this utility helps you paste a piece of text, a file path or a URL to the active window, send it to the clipboard or paste it as plain text by simply choosing the designated option within the right-click menu. Moreover, you can rename or delete an entry without effort.

Filters, hotkeys and dupe removal

There is no limit to how many clips the application can remember, so its database might become quite large. For such situations Portable Clipdiary Free provides search and navigation options that can help you out in finding the desired text piece.

Moreover, thanks to its filtering functions you can easily set program or file formats exceptions that will be simply ignored by Portable Clipdiary Free when the 'copy' command is activated.

For your convenience, it comes with customizable hotkeys for easier and faster access. Other functions allow it to check all entries for duplicates and search for a text piece on the Internet.

Manage your clipboard on the go

Portable Clipdiary Free is a handy tool for anyone who works with the computer on a daily basis, assisting them in quickly copying and pasting commonly used text pieces. It can be launched from a removable device, which means you can manage clipboard entries no matter where you are.

The integrated wizard makes it easier for you to get accustomed with the application, while its functionality helps you use the clipboard history without having to repeat 'copy-paste' actions over and over again.

Portable Clipdiary Free was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
Portable Clipdiary Free - You can use Portable Clipdiary Free to store all the text pieces and file locations you send to the clipboard.Portable Clipdiary Free - Portable Clipdiary Free can monitor the clipboard without interfering with your work, directly from the system tray.Portable Clipdiary Free - Users can easily save the clipboard entries to file, copy or paste them as plain text.Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #4Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #5Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #6Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #7Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #8Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #9Portable Clipdiary Free - screenshot #10

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