Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!

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A feature-rich alternative to Notepad, providing various editing options, search and saving functions, as well as a modern-looking interface to work with

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Focusing on simplicity, Notepad provides a minimal set of options that cannot meet the requirements of all users, at least not if they want more than just typing in a text and saving it to a TXT file. Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! is a good alternative to the Windows text editor, providing a richer set of features and a more user-friendly interface.

Edit text and source code

As its name suggests, the application is a special edition of Syncplify.me Notepad! that can be launched directly from a removable device, without requiring installation on the host computer. Therefore, you can carry it around with you and use it on the go.

The range of functions Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! includes multiple text manipulation options and features that facilitate source code editing. One of its most important advantages is related to the array of supported file formats, which is not limited to plain text files only, but includes HTML documents, INI, CSS, Java, Ruby, VBScript, PHP, SQL, Pascal, Eiffel and many more.

Various text manipulation options

Its stylish appearance integrates perfectly with Windows 8, while all menus and options are one-click away. It comes with line numbering and syntax highlighting, features that are usually found in source code editors.

You can open multiple documents in different tabs and what's more, the application enables you to split the editor into two separate panes to compare texts. Other functions enable you to indent or unindent blocks, generate a document map, use word wrap, view special characters, automatically remove blank lines, sort lines or perform searches inside the opened document.

A worth-having Notepad alternative

Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! is a viable replacement to the poorly-featured Notepad, ready to satisfy demanding users. Its text and code editing functions, along with the integrated checksum calculator make it suitable for regular users and programmers alike.

Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 11th, 2015
Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! - Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! provides you with a more reliable and user-friendly alternative to Notepad.Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! - Right-clicking in the main window reveals a modern-looking menu containing basic editing tools.Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! - Portable Syncplify.me Notepad! can split the text editor into two separate panes, enabling you to compare texts.Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!Portable Syncplify.me Notepad!