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Clean and lightweight application which enables you to create and edit text documents, and brings the wiki concept to your doorstep

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Portable Zim is a software tool built in Gtk2-Perls whose purpose is to provide you with a simple means of creating, editing and managing text files in collaboration with others.

The upper hand of portable apps

This is the portable version of Zim and thus, the installation process can be easily skipped. As a result, the Windows registry and Start screen/menu are not going to be affected in any way, and no traces will remain on the hard drive after its removal.

By moving the program files to an external data device (e.g. SD card, USB flash drive etc.), you make it possible to run Portable Zim on any machine you can get your hands on.

Options to tweak

This software utility enables you to import information from a TXT format, while export is possible using HTML, LaTeX and TXT files. Aside from that, you can view and change notebook properties (interwiki keyword, home page, icon, name, profile etc.), send e-mails with your work using the default client, open them in the web browser or send them to the printer.

A calendar is integrated and it is possible to insert images, bullet or numbered lists, symbols, links to specified directories and attachments. You can view the total number lines, words and characters, change text formatting or clear it, use a search function and create templates.


All in all, Portable Zim is an efficient piece of software, when it comes to text editing. It has a good response time, comprehensive Help contents are provided and enough option to keep you busy for quite a while.

Portable Zim was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Portable Zim - Portable Zim is a useful graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of Wiki pagesPortable Zim - From the right-click menu of the main interface you have the possibility to delete the selected page or rename itPortable Zim - You can navigate to the File menu if you want to insert a new page, import it and move the pagesPortable Zim - screenshot #4Portable Zim - screenshot #5Portable Zim - screenshot #6Portable Zim - screenshot #7Portable Zim - screenshot #8Portable Zim - screenshot #9Portable Zim - screenshot #10Portable Zim - screenshot #11Portable Zim - screenshot #12Portable Zim - screenshot #13Portable Zim - screenshot #14

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