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DAMN NFO Viewer is an utility for viewing text files containing ASCII Art and it proved itself to be handy

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DAMN NFO Viewer Portable is a lightweight application designed to help you view NFO files or text files that contain ASCII Art.

Since it's so light, DAMN NFO Viewer Portable works incredibly easy, opening every file almost instantly and providing some other tools to help it serve its purpose.

While the interface is very clean and easy to use, DAMN NFO Viewer Portable can be used in multiple languages, be they Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian or Dutch.

Plus, it has a more or less customizable appearance, allowing you to change text and background colors, links colors and fonts. Additionally, you can choose between word wrap, character wrap and no wrap at all, with copy-on-select available by default, meaning that you can easily copy a part of the text by selecting it with your mouse cursor.

The “Settings” menu is just basic and lets you set DAMN NFO Viewer Portable as the default NFO viewer and enable direct scrolling and copy on select.

Another good thing is that the application can be easily picked as the default app for opening NFO files, which means in the future it's enough to double click a NFO file to load the program.

Because it is portable, there's no installation file, but instead you can easily copy all files on a removable drive and load the program wherever you are without prior installation.

All in all, DAMN NFO Viewer Portable is the easiest way to manage NFO files and since it comes as a very light package, it can be easily copied on a USB flash drive to be used on the go.

DAMN NFO Viewer Portable was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 7th, 2012
DAMN NFO Viewer PortableDAMN NFO Viewer Portable

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