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A fully functional package of AbiWord optimized for use on a USB key drive

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This is the portable version of AbiWord - the word processor with the simplistic interface which is ideal for users who want a straightforward text editing application.

Since it doesn't require any installation, AbiWord will not make any kind of changes to your Windows registry entries. Plus, you can place it on an external device and run it on any computer.

Thus, you can create a new document from scratch or from a template (e.g. business letter, memo, resume), import styles, as well as save a document in the AbiWord or other formats (including Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org Writer).

Furthermore, you can paste normal or unformatted content, create bookmarks, find and replace text, go to a particular page, line or bookmarks, export a document to HTML, toggle between normal, web and print layout, and switch to full screen mode.

Plus, you can enable AbiWord to display formatting marks, zoom in and out, as well as insert a break, header, footer, table, table of contents, text box, footnote, endnote, symbols, date and time, files, pictures, mathematical symbols and equations.

You can also add or modify bullets and numbering for selected paragraphs, add borders and shading, set tab stops, change the measuring units, set an automatic save interval and default file extension, disable smart quotes and spelling check while you type, and more.

The program uses a low amount of system resources but doesn't contain a help file. Even so, Portable AbiWord is easy to use by novices and it didn't cause us any problems during our tests. We recommend it to all users.

Portable AbiWord was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 12th, 2013
Portable AbiWord - The main window of Portable AbiWord enables you to start editing your text.Portable AbiWord - The Insert menu will allow you to add a new picture or a bookmark.Portable AbiWord - To format your text you will use the Format menu that Portable AbiWord  offers.Portable AbiWord - screenshot #4Portable AbiWord - screenshot #5Portable AbiWord - screenshot #6Portable AbiWord - screenshot #7Portable AbiWord - screenshot #8Portable AbiWord - screenshot #9

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