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A simple to use application that allows you to customize your desktop screensaver with both quotes an images of your choice or preset books

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Multi Photo Quotes Portable is a user-friendly screensaver generating application. It can create composite screensavers, that display both inspirational quotes and images of your choice. The software includes a collection of quotes and pictures sets, but you can always add personalized books or remove them.

Composite picture creator

The software requires that you only copy the desired photos and the quotes file to the dedicated folder. The quotes can be stored in a simple text file, separated into paragraphs. The software is capable of combining a series of photos from the custom folder, resize and arrange them, then include one of the quotes from the text file.

Thus it can create inspirational screensavers with both images and quotes. Moreover, if a video file is copied to a Book folder, the software can divide it into frames and use them as images. The quote can be extracted from the text file or from the subtitle document. The software can automatically resize both the images and text.

Easy configuration for a dynamic screensaver

Multi Photo Quotes Portable can display the randomly generated screensaver when opened from its location, but it does not automatically operate when the computer is not being used. In order to obtain that effect, you need to copy the executable file to the system folder, then replace its extension with .SCR.

You can easily configure the display options, from the Options and Preferences window. Thus, you may enable Multi Photo Quotes Portable screensaver to be displayed on multiple monitors, set the maximum number of photos to be included in a single composite image or choose the font and text color. Moreover, you may choose whether you wish to view a quote every time, at random times or never, as well as enable or disable the available quote books.

Easily create and view random screensavers

A screensaver is an image or animation that is displayed on your desktop when the computer is not being used, in order to protect your monitor and the files that are currently opened. With Multi Photo Quotes Portable you can automate the creation of composite images with random quotes and images selected from one of the available sets.

Multi Photo Quotes Portable was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 20th, 2014
Multi Photo Quotes Portable - Multi Photo Quotes Portable is a simple to use application that enables you to set your screensaver to display both quotes and images.Multi Photo Quotes Portable - You may set the screensaver to close whenever you move the mouse, press a key or choose a key combination to exit the screensaver.Multi Photo Quotes Portable - The software enables you to set a quick custom message that can override the subsequent quote if you leave the computer.Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #4Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #5Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #6Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #7Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #8Multi Photo Quotes Portable - screenshot #9