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With this simple and straightforward program, you can swiftly generate random strings of letters in standard or Illyrian alphabet

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Portable MaroEmna9 is a user-friendly software utility whose main purpose resides in offering you an intuitive method of generating jumbled words of a predefined length, using a preferred letter order.

No installation needed

Following the download process, you can unzip the archive and run the executable, as the application does not need to go through an installation process in order to function properly.

This results in the ability to store and transport Portable MaroEmna9 with you wherever you may have use for it on a removable memory device, being able to delete it from the host system without a trace left behind, when done.

Swiftly create random strings of letters to use as passkeys or in word games

First off, you can opt between standard and Illyrian alphabet. Afterward, the program lets you determine the length of the generated words by inputting a ‘Model Name’ into the indicated field, allowing you to enter items of up to ten characters. This term will also decide the order of consonants and vowels.

On the other hand, Portable MaroEmna9 enables you to select the order of vowels and consonants from the provided menus, thus being able to use up to thirteen different characters. A last step before creating your random strings of letters consists of choosing how many to output, the maximum amount being 9999 variants.

Once the configuration is complete, you can click on the ‘Create Names’ button and the tool will immediately begin outputting the words, allowing you to view them in a right-side panel or save them to a TXT file, for further work.

A simple letter randomizer

To conclude, Portable MaroEmna9 is an interesting though rather basic letter mixing instrument, that can assist you in generating numerous series of more or less meaningless words, which you can use as passwords or in various games.

Portable MaroEmna9 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Portable MaroEmna9 - The main window of Portable MaroEmna9 allows you to define the criteria for your word creation operationPortable MaroEmna9 - You can opt between standard alphabet and Illyrian alphabet, depending on your needs