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Made to help you present various projects on multiple monitors by showing only a part of the screen (or a particular app), featuring drawing tools

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This is the portable edition of Presentation Screen Master, a simple-to-use software utility designed to help you present projects easier when using multiple monitors. It does not include complex settings or configuration parameters, so it can be figured out by anyone.

Portability perks

As there is no setup pack involved, you can drop the app directory in any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run.

Another option is to save a copy of Presentation Screen Master to a pen drive or other mass storage device, in order to run it on any PC with minimum effort and without previously installing anything.

An important aspect to take into account is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, so there are no traces left behind after the app's removal.

Clear-cut interface

The GUI is based on a single window with a plain and simple structure, where you can select the area of presentation between full screen, rectangle region, or any application (active or not).

It is possible to select the monitor to present the project on, background color for the view window, hotkeys for starting, pausing and stopping the presentation, as well as use a drawing tool and adjust the cursor color, size and highlight color.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool is very light when it comes to CPU and RAM, so it doesn't affect the overall performance of the computer. There were no kind of issues throughout our evaluation, since it did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. All in all, Presentation Screen Master comes packed with handy options for presenting projects on multiple monitors, and it can be easily handled by anyone.

Presentation Screen Master Portable was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
Presentation Screen Master Portable [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - The main window of Presentation Screen Master allows users to select the area for the presentation.Presentation Screen Master Portable [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - During the presentation, the software provides users with functions such as zoom and annotations.Presentation Screen Master Portable [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - The Preferences window of Presentation Screen Master allows users to configure hotkeys for starting and stopping the presentation.Presentation Screen Master Portable [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!]Presentation Screen Master Portable [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!]