Portable MindDecider PRO

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Using this application you can create graphical schemes with various variants, filters and drawings for the decisions you have to make






Portable MindDecider PRO is a straightforward utility that helps in making decisions by mapping your solutions using shapes and drawings. The program is based on mind mapping concept combined with powerful math tools. This allows users to generate creative ideas and easily find the best solutions.

Scope of application is wide – from finding the best job to choosing the most effective management strategy on a corporate level. Different methods and procedures help to estimate both numeric and non-numeric (quality) parameters. Easy and intuitive Time Analysis mode allows to set time characterisrics for objects.

You can also download MindDecider (installer version)
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Portable MindDecider PRO - Portable MindDecider PRO is a utility that allows you to create projects to help you make decisions.Portable MindDecider PRO - The application offers you the possibility to customize the appearance of your project variants.Portable MindDecider PRO - You can increase or decrease the levels of advantages and advantages, as well as create various filters.Portable MindDecider PRO - screenshot #4Portable MindDecider PRO - screenshot #5Portable MindDecider PRO - screenshot #6Portable MindDecider PRO - screenshot #7