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Paychecks tend to disappear as fast as they come, so finding a way to manage your finances is the key to your well-being. Portable Money Manager Ex is a program that was designed for this particular reason.

The app comes with a simple interface and an intuitive layout that is easy to figure out, regardless if you’ve worked with a similar program before or not.

Thus, you can fill in entries every time money comes into your bank account and for all the payments you need to make. Furthermore, you can create monthly budgets.

This requires that you write down the estimated income and all expenses. The app lets you edit entries under various categories, such as “Automobile” (gas, maintenance, parking and registration), “Bills” (cable, electricity, gas, Internet, rent, telephone and water), “Education” (books and tuition), “Food”, “Healthcare” (dental, eyecare, prescriptions etc), “Leisure” (magazines, movies etc), “Taxes” and “Vacation”, just to name a few.

This should help you keep a better eye on all your expenses and teach you how to better estimate the monthly balance.

Also, you can create databases. These require a base currency (Dollar, Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc, Zloty and Ruble). There are three types of accounts that can be created: Checking/Savings, Investments and Term accounts.

Setting these up can help you know how much money you have in your accounts and even how profitable the stocks you’ve bought have been.

Portable Money Manager Ex can create various types of reports, such as account summaries, income vs. expenses and cash flow, just to name a few.

The bottom line is that Portable Money Manager Ex is a nice program that can be of great help. Inexperienced users should have no problems with this software, thanks to the intuitive interface.

Since the app is completely portable, you don't need to install it on the computer. Furthermore, it shouldn't leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

Portable Money Manager Ex was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on June 8th, 2015
Portable Money Manager Ex - Portable Money Manager Ex will provide users with a complete solution for managing personal finanacesPortable Money Manager Ex - Users will be able to manage their databases as well as export and import CSV or QIF files within the File menuPortable Money Manager Ex - The Tools menu will help you organize your categories, payees and even currencyPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager ExPortable Money Manager Ex

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