Portable Ynote Classic

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A simple to use application that enables you to create syntax files, write code scripts, record macros, edit text and compile BAT files

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Portable Ynote Classic is a reliable and versatile software that enables you to write and edit text within documents or scripts. You can easily modify the structure of a text, highlight syntax, fold code, add bookmarks, as well as record macros.

Script writer and editor

With Portable Ynote Classic, you may create code scripts in a variety of languages, including HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Lua, Ruby, Python, C or XML. Moreover, the software supports syntax highlighting and auto-completion according to each type of programming language.

The software supports editing multiple tabs at the same time and allows you to easily switch between them. Additionally, Portable Ynote Classic offers you several searching tools, that you can use to find the right tab or perform a global search, for key words, within all the tabs. Bookmarks can also be added, in order to identify a certain word, phrase, line or tab instantly.

Execute files and run scripts

Aside from offering several tools for text editing, the software also enables you to verify the functionality of your script, by running the script or executing a file. You may use the shell command on the Ynotescript Console in order to test functions of the script.

Moreover, you can easily create new scripts, snippets or syntax tabs, that you can edit and compile within Portable Ynote Classic. Each tab or window can be saved as a project file, for further modification, or exported as an image, a rich text format file or as a web page. Additionally, the software supports recording macros and playing them within the software.

Versatile text editor and script compiler

Portable Ynote Classic is a reliable application,with a user-friendly interface, that aims to help you write, edit or compile text and script lines. The software enables you to record macros, as well as add bookmarks, perform multi-level undo/redo actions and allows multiple carets and selections. Moreover, Portable Ynote Classic enables you to easily manage your projects and offers a versatile build system.

Portable Ynote Classic was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Portable Ynote Classic - Portable Ynote Classic is a simple to use text editor that enables you to modify and correct the syntax for code scripts.Portable Ynote Classic - Portable Ynote Classic allows you to edit existing scripts, but also create new snippents, scripts or custom syntaxes.Portable Ynote Classic - With Portable Ynote Classic you may edit text files, record macros, add bookmarks and compile BAT files.Portable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote ClassicPortable Ynote Classic