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An image viewer that also provides encryption capabilities, enabling you to secure your images and prevent them from being accessed by others

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Data privacy is one of the main concerns of all computer users, but fortunately there are ways to protect important files, preventing unauthorized access to their content. Portable WinTrezur is an application that aims to safeguard graphic content on your computer by generating encrypted, password-protected archives containing all the private photos you don't want others to see.

An image viewer, a file manager and an encryption tool in one package

The application can also be used as a plain simple image viewer, but as mentioned before, its capabilities go way beyond that. Making use of some of the most widely used and powerful algorithms, it can place your important photos within archives that can only be accessed if the user knows the corresponding security key.

Its interface is split into two main sections, one dedicated to exploring the hard drive contents and navigating to the folder where your images are stored and the other designed for previewing all images. Thanks to this approach, it can also act as a file manager to replace Windows Explorer, providing sorting capabilities, zooming and navigation options.

Create encrypted archives containing private photos

Creating an encrypted archive is an easy task. You start by selecting the pictures you want to include in it and then use the dedicated option in the right-click menu. The list of images is displayed in a new window, along with the file size and type.

You are then prompted to enter a password that will be used in order to encrypt the archive. The integrated password quality meter can assess the key strength, considering its length and complexity.

Portable WinTrezur supports a variety of encryption algorithms, including AES, Blowfish, Serpent, Twofish, Camellia and RC6 and even allows two and three-step encryption.

Generate encrypted archives on the go

Portable WinTrezur is a reliable tool that helps you make sure your most intimate photos are not being accessed by others without your consent. As its name implies, it is a special version of the WinTrezur application that does not require installation and can be ported to a removable device and used on the go.

Portable WinTrezur was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 21st, 2014
Portable WinTrezur - Portable WinTrezur is a handy tool that helps you protect your images, so as to avoid unauthorized access to them.Portable WinTrezur - Users can easily generate a slideshow out of their images and maximize the view to fullscreen mode.Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #3Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #4Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #5Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #6Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #7Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #8Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #9Portable WinTrezur - screenshot #10Portable WinTrezur - You can assign a password to the created archive and change the encryption settings.

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