Portable Browser Password Remover

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Clean stored credentials inside any supported web browser installed onto your computer to avoid having your private information stolen

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An important number of users rely on their Internet browsers when it comes to storing login information. Unfortunately, this habit can be rather risky because personal data can easily become exposed in case of a malware infection or other type of external attack.

In order to avoid having the passwords used for connecting to social or work-related services, it is advisable to keep this data encrypted and stored in a place no one but you has access. Also, to guarantee nothing remains exposed inside your web browser, you might want to try a utility like Portable Browser Password Remover.

Clean front-end for ease of use

One of the benefits of using this particular program is the fact that it is ready to run right out of the box, so no installation is required for this tool to function correctly. You can simply run it from any portable storage device and it will help in cleaning browser data onto the computer it is deployed on.

The simplicity of the interface makes this software solution very well suited for less experienced users who only have to press a couple of buttons to get the job done properly and without any configurations.

Delete or backup credentials on the spot

Portable Browser Password Remover is able to detect the installed web browsers on its own and checking for stored logins is done instantly. All the details are displayed inside the main window, where the information is structured in several columns.

Thus, it is possible to view user names, passcodes and the webpage on which they are used, as well as the browser that is responsible for storing these details. Saving the data to an HTML or TXT file is also possible with a simple click.

Identify and remove passwords in seconds

To sum things up, it's safe to say that this application is able take care of a rather sensitive task, namely that of securely retrieving and disposing of private information that otherwise is better kept inside other areas, which provide a lot more protection.

Portable Browser Password Remover was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 1st, 2014
Portable Browser Password Remover - From the main window of Portable Browser Password Remover users can view the stored passwords and delete them.